Manufacture Plastic Components and Products in China

  • High Quality Plastic Molding
  • Online Price Estimation
  • Engineering Communication
    in English

We make plastic injection moulds and produce in quantities from 1000 to 1 million. We also do product assembly, finishing and packaging.

plastic injection moulds plastic injection components

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Molding In China

    4. Mass production
    Consistent quality is maintained by regular checking of products and mold condition. We welcome client visits at any stage.

    5. Quality control
    Material certification can be provided.

    6. Delivery to door

1. Request for Quotation
Send drawings (Solidworks, IGES, AutoCAD)

2. Tech Discussion and Quote (3 Days)
Understand your critical requirements

3. Make Mold and Submit Sample
(35 days to T1)
(For urgent orders, we can finish mold in 10 days)
This involves CNC milling of mold core cavity and is a slow process.

checking of products and mold condition

We will match any legitimate price quotes from other Chinese factories

  • High Quality Plastic Molding
  • Professional Service
    in English
  • No-Obligation Price Match

Because of our economy of scale and low defect ratio, we enjoy the industry's lowest cost structure.

In rare cases when we cannot match, we will inform you why the price is not sustainable.

In most cases, we will offer an even lower price.

Just email us:
(1) your drawing and order quantity
(2) The quote you received.

New Product Launch

  • Turn-key Plastic Molding
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • IP Protection
  • Startup Friendly

We have patiently worked with many startups to tweak design for manufacturing, correct quality issues, and go from small batch to volume ramp.

We also offer rapid prototyping by SLA, FDM and CNC Milling
Learn more about Rapid Prototyping

If your product requires electrical components, we can help source and assemble them.
Learn more about lauching electro-mechanical consumer products

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